Born in Osaka, Japan, I started to study calligraphy when I was a little child. Since then,
I devoted myself to calligraphy, and won a number of prizes including the

Minister of Education Award in my high school days.   Furthermore, I was able to

exhibit my works in Nitten, Japan’s most prestigious exhibition of arts. My work

was also displayed in 2001 MINIPRINT INTERNATIONAL DE CADAQUES of

 Barcelona, Spain.

In 1964, I got the qualification of a professional calligrapher from Nihon Shogei-in,

Japan's authority of calligraphy. I worked as a judge for Nihon Shogei-in and

Gensokai Exhibition, and gave lessons at Brother Culture Center (1983-1993)

Now I open my own studio at home to teach calligraphy. I have explored a new

approach to calligraphy and held the exhibitions including

  “Senshoku (dyeing)・Sho・Futari-ten”, which was a collaboration work with an

American artist in 1993, and a series of exhibitions “Sho・New Trial” in 2000, 2001,

and 2002. Then in 2003 “Real Imagination” with a Canadian, photographer and poet.

  In addition, I have actively introduced Japanese culture to people from other

countries by giving them opportunities to experience calligraphy by using brush and

sumi ink at Nagoya International Congress Hall, Nagoya International Center, and

at the 2003 International Mathematical Olympiad in Tokyo. In 2005, I took part in

Aichi EXPO in collaboration with the world-famous dyeing artist Tsuyoshi Kuno. In

2007, Taishi Kawada, who is a photographer and has down's syndrome, and I held

the joint exhibition “Twilight” in Hawaii.

In 2007 I was entitled to be a member of Japan Geaphic Designers Association

(JAGDA)by a successful series of works “書・New Image”

“書・New Image”

New approaches to Sho-do, calligraphy, are adopted by using various kinds of

designs, materials,and tools to inspire originality, although the traditional style of

Sho-do is well respected to create a sophisticated mixture of  “new” and “old.”

January,  2010